Guinea Pig Cam

A few days ago we purchased a hutch and some guinea pigs for my daughter. This provided the opportunity to experiment with some live streaming using a couple of old android (Samsung Galaxy A2) phones we had knocking about.

Our first experiment involved using Pavel Khlebovich’s great android app, IP Webcam. This enabled us to stream good quality live video within our network. But how to share our new pigs’ palatial lifestyle with the world? While it would have been possible to take the video from Pavel’s app and create a server on our network, it seemed unnecessary when there are services that already exist that met our needs.

Our first experiment involved a service called Veetle. While it did pretty much what we needed, there were glitches. After a while, the stream would freeze and we were unable to delete archived video footage, so we tried Bambuser. I used Bambuser many years ago in a citizen’s journalism project to enable activists to broadcast campaigns live, and it has matured in a very stable platform.

So, loading the Bambuser app onto the old phone, setting up an account and screwing an old phone cover into the roof of the hutch and hey presto. Guinea Pig Cam is born.



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