WP Find Your Nearest Premium

No longer available

It is with deep regret that I have had to remove WP Find Your Nearest Premium from availability. It is a project that I am proud of, but I can no longer spare the time necessary to adequately support a growing number of users. I will, of course, honour my commitment to all current users for support as and when needed, but I feel that I am unable to offer the plugin for free on WordPress as that would be unfair to anyone who has paid for it

The WP ‘Find Your Nearest’ Premium plugin adds the following functionality to the popular WP Find Your Nearest plugin. For a one of charge of £15 you get support and development if needed, the increased functionality listed, as well as lifetime upgrades as they come out.

  • Ability to use a hierarchical taxonomy (category), also included in url of searched for items, with a widget menu of category entries (ideal for sorting entries by region and subregion for example)
  • Ability to apply non-hierarchical taxonomy (tags) and to restrict search to specific tags- suitable for differentiating between tem types (e.g if you were running a “Find Your Nearest Leisure Facility” site, you could distinguish between libraries, swimming pools, cinemas)
  • Ability to limit search by radius/distance from
  • Shortcode to insert search form into post or page rather than only a widget
  • Ability to add explanatory text to the top of the search results page
  • Ability to use shortcodes within returned search results (NB: Not all shortcodes will work… some shortcode plugins rely on detecting the shortcode in the page content before loading any necessary javascript files. As the FYN results are loaded via Ajax, plugins that use this method will not detect the shortcode. But in practice, most shortcode plugins do work)
  • Support and lifetime upgrades, all for a one off £15 sterling

**Please note that I have had to suspend digital sales, as in order to continue I would have to be registered for VAT in every EU country I made a sale to. So, I have changed my delivery so that, if you make a purchase I will manually email the plugin to you… this means that the UK becomes my point of sale and I stay within the VAT threshold for the UK. I apologise for any inconvenience, but this means that I cannot guarantee instant delivery… I will always endeavour to deliver with 24 hours, barring special circumstances.


1. Download the zip file from the purchase link and unzip it… this will give you a folder named ‘wp-find-your-nearest-premium’.
2. Upload this folder and its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress install

**Please note that if you are upgrading from the standard version of WP Find Your Nearest, the entries *should* remain the same, but this is not guaranteed and I can accept no responsibility for any data lost. You will have to update your Options Settings as these are stored differently. Back up your files and data before any upgrade. To upgrade, remove the standard WP Find Your Nearest folder before uploading the WP Find Your Nearest premium folder.**

3. Activate the plugin as per normal.

4. In the left hand menu you will now have an entry “Find Your Nearest” which contains the following sub-menu items

  • All FYN Items*
  • Add New FYN Item*
  • FYN Category
  • FYN Tag
  • Settings

(* if you are upgrading and have previously set the “Item Name” under ‘Settings’, FYN Item will be replaced with the term you have used as “Item Name”.)

To gain an overview of the settings, watch the following video

and to see how to add entries, watch the following video

Road Map

The following are suggestions that have been made for future development and are likely to be included in future releases, though being listed here is not a guarantee of future release

  • Plot all results on map
  • Improved “search by tags only”
  • Improved html in search results if not using excerpts
  • Improved error catching (prevent error messages when no postcode entered)